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Hire talented engineers - fast!

At Default we hire our engineers through a rigorous vetting process that rejects over 95% of the candidates that apply. Our developers can help scale your engineering team effortlessly to roll out features or fix bugs in your product.

How it works

We conduct rigorous interviews
to find talented engineers
Based on your requirements
we match the right developers
The developers start
working with your team directly

Technologies we work on


Android is a hard platform to build on, from covering low-end devices to different Android versions your team needs expert Android engineers to ship a product that customers love to use. Our engineers have been building on Android using Java/Kotlin for 8+ years and are familiar with building non-trivial features such as offline mode, chat, video streaming, and Android SDKs.


Backend engineering requires foresight to build something sustainable and scalable. Our engineers have been working on Django for 6+ years. During this time period, we have built systems that can support over 10 million DAUs. Along with this, the team has ample experience building multi-tenant architecture for SaaS, real-time applications using Redis and Kafka and serverless applications using AWS Lambda.

React & React-Native

Our product engineers on React/React-Native lay a lot of stress on multi-platform portability, UI/UX, and performance. From social learning to enterprise applications they have built across the spectrum.


This is our newest service line. Technologies that we work on include Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible.

Our clients