Zenoti SaaS

Account-based marketing for spa and salon SaaS 

Here is how we helped build nuance for a SaaS product catering to spa and salon industry helping them reach their clientele, one user at a time.

Zenoti is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that offers solutions for the spa, salon and med-spa industry, especially with online bookings, appointment scheduling, customer management, marketing, billing and payments. Zenoti uses account-based marketing to reach target audiences with bespoke communication on various aspects of their service, thereby requiring an agile software and marketing function in their portal.

We worked with Zenoti on a complete rebuild of their marketing website, a feature integration for monitoring internal team performance, and an ROI calculator. We helped them create a seamless storefront experience that ensured clarity and focus on the quality of their product.


To begin, we built a responsive website that could be used across devices – with multi screen sizes, connection speeds and browsers. We ensured there was a strong and easy-to-use content management system — one that was accessible to non-technical teams within Zenoti — that helped the client to change and use the website according to current needs, with a unique functionality to move any section of the webpage around.

Monitoring outbound sales

Having set up this base, our work was to assist Zenoti in reaching their target audience in a seamless manner. Our clients given the salon and spa industry needed to tailor their product to different settings, for which they needed to gauge their audience with data.

We built a pop-up contact form across the website for users to populate that helped Zenoti gain access to this location-specific demand and supply data. This form collected metadata about geolocation, and the pop up ensured that user engagement remained uninterrupted. A Salesforce integration ensured that there was not only an improved activation rate but a data-based understanding for our clients of their users requirements.

Integrating Salesforce, Outreach and Highspot, we helped build a dashboard that our clients could use to track and monitor custom communications to their prospective buyers. With this in place, they could monitor team performance and the outcome of their pitches to users of the website. This entailed gross engineering integrating marketing and sales and integration with data templates, and helped the team do away with a burdensome process of data reporting.

We integrated an ROI calculator for Zenoti to help their clientele assess how much they stood to gain by using Zenoti’s various products. Given the advent of CoVid19 and the problem of economic downsizing and layoffs, Zenoti wanted to help their clientele recognize how their products created the scope for savings on various fonts , and thereby reduced expenses. 

Even a SaaS storefront such as Zenoti who deal adeptly in software technologies for their users sometimes cannot prioritise the use of technology for their internal processes for various reasons. It was interesting for us to help their marketing team digitise processes to create a smoother, more efficient scaffolding for helping them do their work faster and with greater reach, and believe that technology, when used right, can make a product reach the world better.