Our Services - Product Development

Get a complete team developing your product end-to-end

Product Managers + Product Engineers = Magic⚡️

We combine the best product management practices with our technical expertise to craft products that can scale effortlessly, are sustainable and a pure delight for the end customer.

How it works

High-level requirement collection to understand scope
Product Manager starts working with your team to create a detailed plan
Work starts in 2-week sprints with a build released almost every sprint

Products we work on

Android apps (Native)

Android is a hard platform to build on, from covering low-end devices to different Android versions your team needs expert Android engineers to ship a product that customers love to use. Our engineers have been building on Android using Java/Kotlin for 8+ years and are familiar with building non-trivial features such as offline mode, chat, video streaming, and Android SDKs.

We use Django+PostgreSQL+AWS as backend for all our Android apps.

Web apps & Browser Extensions

We build web apps using Django, React, and vanilla Javascript. Our experience in this domain includes building applications for both B2B and B2C use cases. For B2B we have worked on a range of applications that range from CRM systems, order management systems for JIT manufacturing to SaaS platforms built on multi-tenant architecture.

For B2C we have developed applications such as social networks, edTech platforms, and online quizzing platforms.

Marketing/Information Websites

This category of products has various names such as micro-sites/marketing websites/information websites. We typically build such websites for SaaS companies looking for a website that is built considering technical SEO, requires different landing pages for different kinds of visitors, and should be manageable by the marketing team directly.

Our clients